After a year of great disruption, which eventually affected also the European System for the Evaluation of Veterinary Training (ESEVT), EAEVE prepares for launching gradually the visitation scheme for the accreditation of the veterinary education establishments. Due to the large number of visitations that have been postponed last year, EAEVE will need many experts to staff the visitation teams.  One of the members of each visitation team is the practitioner (

FVE encourages practitioners to apply for becoming an ESEVT expert, while UEVP Section of FVE continues to support ESEVT by providing an indemnity for the practitioners participating in the School Visitation Teams (up to € 1 500,00 per visitation for the participating practitioners)

Practitioners willing to apply may (two-step process)

  1. ask FVE for a support letter according to the Instructions to practitioners willing to participate ESEVT .
  2. apply to EAEVE according to ESEVT Expert Application and Acceptance Procedure.

For more information, please contact Despoina Iatridou at