ECCVT – European Coordinating Committee on Veterinary Training

Founding organisations of ECCVT are the “European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education” (EAEVE), the “European Board for Veterinary Specialization” (EBVS) and the “Federation of Veterinarians of Europe” (FVE) representing academia, veterinary specialisation and the veterinary profession respectively. The European Coordinating Committee on Veterinary Training (ECCVT) was created in 2004. In 2019 the International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA - European regional representative) was also invited to contribute to the discussion in an ad-hoc role.

Our mission

The three founding organisations aim to coordinate their views on veterinary education.

ECCVT is supervised by the organisations’ executive committees/boards. ECCVT meets twice every year under a rotating chairmanship.

ECCVT Terms of Reference

Download ECCVT Terms of Reference on here.

The three founding member-organisations of ECCVT are represented by their presidents. Together they form the ECCVT presidency. The committee is completed by six more members. Two appointed by EAEVE, two by EBVS and two by FVE. The veterinary strudents are represented by 1 or 2 IVSA European regional representative(s).

EAEVE President

Stephane Martinot

EBVS President

Zoe Polizopoulou

FVE President

Rens van Dobbenburgh
(The Netherlands)

EAEVE Member

Jana Mojžišová

EBVS Member

Laura Kramer

FVE Member

Stanislaw Winiarczyk

EAEVE Member

Pierre Lekeux

EBVS Member

Lidewij Wiersma

FVE Member

Volker Moser

Ad-hoc Member

(IVSA President (Europe))

Ad-hoc Member

(Europe Regional Representative)

The secretariat of ECCVT is provided by the FVE and meetings take place once or twice per year at the FVE Office in Brussels.

Member organisations

European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education

European Board for Veterinary Specialization

Federation of Veterinarians of Europe